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VIMMS is designed as a direct response to the maritime industry’s requirement to monitor crew and vessel levels of shock and vibration during operations.

A complete vessel and crew health monitoring solution designed to aid operators and program mangers in monitoring, managing and extending the health and well being to both personnel and maritime assets. VIMMS is configured to support acceleration exposures to other critical components, including hull, electronics and propulsion.

Developed in conjunction with Shockwave Seats, VIMMS is a continuation of existing and proven monitoring and crew tracking products that have been used on offshore windfarm assets, along with commercial and military vessels for over five years.

  • Real-time monitoring provides situational awareness of crew and vessel
  • Autonomous seat sensing and tracking automatically logs individual time and exposure in the seat
  • Crew, hull, electronics and propulsion integrated monitoring
  • Shock and vibration data collection and analysis
  • GSM (cellular) and satellite communication for continuous live monitoring of assets
  • Secure online portal and servers for operational program platform
  • Encrypted data transmission per clients requirements

The VIMMS display interface provides real-time feedback to the operator and crew on personnel and vessel exposure levels and how close they are to operational limits.

The display interface can be customised to the clients requirements, including:

  • General arrangement for particular vessel or assets
  • Customisable thresholds and limits
  • All or preselected locations displayed
  • Split screen for personnel and vessel exposure
  • Daylight readable display, dimmable for night operations
  • Low profile display or wireless tablet
  • IP65 – IP67 options to suit all environments

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VIMMS is a complete system built to your requirements.
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