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OFFSHORE Premium includes additional sensors to record vessel monition in 6 axis. With pitch, Roll and Yaw data recorded alongside the X,Y,Z accelerations, the system provides high resolution data for development and long term trials.

Accelerations and motions are sampled at 500 hz, filtered with peaks recorded 25 times per second alongside speed, time and position. Auxiliary sensors monitor accelerations throughout the vessel, recording all data to the central unit.

Engine and vessel data can be recorded via a CANBUS to the internal high capacity memory. Data is uploaded autonomously to the remote server or downloaded to a USB memory device.

The internal Iridium satellite module allows real time monitoring of vessels viewable through the online portal.

Requires subscription to the Dyena Satellite Data Plan.

6 Axis Inertial Monitoring Unit
3 Axis Accelerometer

+/- 16g
Recorded Data X, Y, Z acceleration
Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Heave
Engine RPMs*
Throttle position*
Steering angle*
Speed through water*
Engine parameters*
Course over ground
Speed over ground
Frequency 25 Hz recording of peak and average values
Available extras
LED Indicator Display
Remote sensors


*depending upon available sensors on vessel data network

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