OFFSHORE Professional

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For operators and agencies requiring vessel and crew monitoring, the OFFSHORE Professional system provides high resolution data to support a wide range of offshore activities.

Vessel accelerations are recorded at 25 hz  alongside speed, time and position. Auxiliary sensors monitor accelerations throughout the vessel, recording all data to the central unit.

Condition monitoring sensors for shock mitigating seats ensure that the crew are adequately protected in all sea condition and integrated smartphone apps provide improved welfare for remote workers.

Crew tracking operates via wireless ID cards to automatically record the personnel onboard for each transit. Data is uploaded autonomously to the remote server or downloaded to a USB memory device.

 Sensors 3 Axis Accelerometer
+/- 16g
Recorded Data X, Y, Z acceleration
Course over ground
Speed over ground
Frequency 25 Hz recording of peak and average values
Available extras
LED Indicator Display
Remote sensors
Current Users Royal Marines, KNRM, PD Ports


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